Galaxy Moon Lamp – 3D LED, USB Star Stand

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Introducing our incredible Moon Lamp, crafted from high-quality PVC material for ultimate durability and exceptional light transmission. Unlike other lamps, our moon lamp is free from any layer patterns, ensuring a flawless and enchanting glow.

Experience the magic with multiple control options:

  • Touch: Simply touch the bottom charging port to effortlessly turn on, off, and switch between colors.
  • Touch + Pat: Take the interaction a step further by patting the sphere, unlocking additional functions such as color-changing and more.
  • Remote Control + Touch + Shooting: Elevate your experience with the convenience of a remote control. Control power, color selection, brightness adjustment, and even capture stunning shots with ease.

Embrace the captivating beauty of the moon, right in the palm of your hand. Whether as a nightlight, a decorative piece, or a gift, our Moon Lamp will mesmerize you with its seamless functionality and enchanting glow. Illuminate your space with celestial wonder today!

Product information:

Voltage: ≤36V (V)

Shade material: PVC

Dimensions: 150x150x150 (mm) (mm)

Switch type: touch

Style: modern and simple

Light color: 10cm to send a wooden frame, 15cm to send a wooden frame

Power supply mode: USB power supply

The main scope of application: leisure and entertainment places, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, home places

Light source type: led light

Packing list:

1* moonlight

1*Data cable


3*Wooden frame


Galaxy Moon Lamp - 3D LED USB Star Stand

Introducing the LED USB Star Galaxy Moon Lamp Stand. This 3D night light is a captivating USB LED Earth planet lamp, perfect for your bedroom. Control it with the remote and create a magical atmosphere.


Galaxy Moon Lamp - 3D LED USB Star Stand

Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 170 × 170 × 190 cm

10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 18cm, 20cm, 22cm, 8cm


16color, 7color

100 reviews for Galaxy Moon Lamp – 3D LED, USB Star Stand

  1. A***o

    Очень долгая доставка. Товар в соответствии с описанием и фото продавца.

  2. M***l

    Great light – Very happy 🙂 thanks so much!!!

  3. M***l

    Very smooth process!

  4. A***e

    Atrodo Kaip kiaušinis Labai Prastos kokybės. Šviečia, bet Labai negražus.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  5. I***o

    Comes defectuosoa

  6. M***h

    Thanks to the store. Lamp 3D night light is simply space fantastic. The product corresponds to the description. Track number is fully tracked. Delivery to Tatarstan 20 days. Night light with remote control, multi-functional variety of colors and flicker color, you can also add and reduce brightness. It is possible to touch the lamp with a touch of a finger at the location of the charging entrance. Included box, the night light itself, charging cable, control panel, wooden stand. Looks and looks cool. I recommend the night light is delicious.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  7. M***i

    Order never received and I have not received the refund either.

  8. C***o

    Unfortunately, there's a dent in the sphere. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of the shipping since it came with a lot of padding and protection. Other than the dent, it's pretty cool.

  9. J***a

    Really nice thing.

  10. B***I

    The lamp surface shows several bumps or dents.

  11. D***n

    Very nice!

  12. Y***h

    Basically not bad
    But it could be better for such money
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  13. G***a

    Very good. I recommend

  14. L***s

    can really delight me

  15. R***r

    The product corresponds to the photo! Everything is beautiful and neat

  16. A***a

    Everything came whole, just longer than a month. Interesting thing.

  17. R***r

    Everyone is happy

  18. P***o

    The shipment came. The set is complete in the required quantity and type. Light shines. It doesn't look damaged. THX, I can recommend.
    no remarkno remark

  19. F***a

    No me llego

  20. A***o

    Happy with the lamp, very pretty! Great seller!

  21. G***s

    Very cute night light

  22. F***a

    I just love it. It took a while to arrive but is completely understandable!

  23. R***r

    A very busy ball. Only not as bright as in the pictures. You could put more LEDs in it. It can be seen that they are not enough. Maybe because of the sizes (20 cm), the led to the walls is not very high. Maybe it makes sense to take a diameter smaller. As a conclusion: you can not name a lamp. More like an interior. But still pleasant. When charging, you can not turn on. I'm sorry. Packed very well. In the kit, the remote is already with a battery and a USB cord. Immediately I say: the delivery of pipets is a long one. Did they carry him on dogs? He went to Moscow for 40 days. Delivered to the door.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  24. M***v

    The lamp reached 2 months. Halfway missing from the radar, after the message to the seller came in 2 weeks, but not as an international parcel, it's like an inner one.
    The box is crumpled, on the surface of the ball itself is folding, because of which it can now be put on the shelf and only in one position, so as not to be much eye contact.
    Instead of the Galaxy/Nebula pattern, just colored stripes.
    Near the charging port is a circle that is different in color. And on charging in addition to the main color, the bottom glows then red (charges), then Blue (charged). And it does not turn off the remote.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  25. C***o

    Arrived to Portugal in about 40 days. Product as described by seller and quality. Came very well packed by that arrived without any damage. With the command that already brings batteries allows infinite color possibilities as well as flashing, switch colors automatically, etc. Also allows change colors as control light intensity with touches Moon on site where carries the moon. Charges in about 3H and the battery lasts about 6H. Super satisfied with the purchase and product quality as well as the seller. One of my best shopping in AliExpress
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  26. J***y

    Arrive very very very bad condition

  27. C***r

    I liked it very much, it came in perfect condition.

  28. I***v

    Very beautiful lamp, fascinating. Thank you.

  29. D***n

    It's cool, for such money, guys it's clear, it's …. Emotions, just emotions, take and will not regret! I think another order is the biggest one he has. The goods are 100% awesome. I expected another, but when I was delivered I was awesome, he was on Akuma, with a remote control, touch at the bottom (on charging), your own… This is not what top for your money, this is the top of the tops! In general, I recommend the product very much)

  30. J***t

    Exactly as described and great looking product. The packaging was somewhat damaged when it arrived but the contents were well protected and in perfect condition. Highly recommended seller!
    no remark

  31. J***y

    I really think this is great

  32. J***e

    my purchase here just never let me down

  33. K***i

    I got it really fast and It works great !

  34. K***e

    Very nice! I just received, haven’t used yet but looks so cool
    no remarkno remark

  35. M***o

    The lamp is super. Many different modes. Beautiful colors. Strong. "Flew" more than once. The charge lasts for a long time. Shipping fast.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  36. C***z

    Very nice!

  37. J***o

    never arrived. seller blame the courier. but no proof it had arrived

  38. G***s

    package was quite damaged but the lamp was OK ans well protected with bubble wrap. Very nice and soft lighting in a bedroom.

  39. F***a

    The order never arrived, but the seller gave me all the facilities to extend the shipping time and then request the refund.

  40. A***z

    I ordered 4, poorly packed and dented, I don't recommend this seller

  41. S***s

    This is the coolest light ever, I love it, I'm going to get my nephew n nieces one for xmas
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  42. O***a

    The lamp is very cool!!! The child is just delighted! The shipment was long, in the territory of China-it was not tracked until it arrived at customs. Delivery took 2,5 months.

  43. D***r

    An awesome salesman, excellent interest. Really thanks a lot a great product, a great seller and communication. It's so fast! Even normal orders from the same country are coming later. Many thanks to seller. The product is colorful and the control is very remote even detect, very beautiful with everything.
    Thank you.

  44. E***w

    Beautiful I love it

  45. V***v

    The lamp came in a whole and serviceable. But the plug from the bottom, where the charging plug is inserted, ruined the impression of the goods. Firstly, it is very different in color, secondly, it is screeched and very bulky.
    no remark

  46. M***A

    I loved it so much, it came faster than expected and everything is in perfect condition♡
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  47. I***h

    Excellent thing and even with home delivery. The track was not tracked, but it came quickly. It shines very beautifully and in different modes. The remote is already with a battery.

  48. K***v

    Brought the courier home! Everything is done in beauty. Charges from USB. Cord included

  49. V***

    Cool lamp, the child is delighted. Delivery is fast, courier to door. Thank you seller!

  50. A***o

    Everything is ok. it works beautifully

  51. K***k

    I arrive faster than proposed and in good condition the box, it comes wrapped in inflated plastic and protects it well
    no remarkno remark

  52. R***r

    Everything is fine! Brought the courier home.
    no remark

  53. D***z

    lamp arrived bent and not working. seller promised refund but two weeks passed and nothing. finally got money back through dispute. be wary of promises…
    no remark

  54. S***n

    cannot refuse such a good product

  55. W***n

    Very nicely made

  56. A***v

    Delivered by courier to Ufa directly to the apartment, came the order in 38 days. It's just a bomb thing, I bought it as a gift, I feel like it's a gorgeous ball, definitely its money is worth, a quality and original lamp I answer: D would like to myself the same
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  57. S***s

    beautiful lamp

  58. E***g

    Wonderful lamp! My nephew there was quite happy with it!

  59. R***r

    The product is satisfied, fully corresponds to the description, delivery to Novosibirsk a little more than a month, the parcel was not tracked, but the seller quickly answers, the parcel came very well packed, even the box did not crumple, thank you very much!

  60. D***S

    Embaladas, all right!
    no remarkno remark

  61. P***h

    no remarkno remarkno remark

  62. G***f

    Everything in perfect condition and in estimated time.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  63. M***a


  64. D***n

    Remote is not working

  65. Y***v

    A beautiful lamp, however, there are also minuses
    -Discharged very quickly;
    -Does not shine when charged, so use it "for a constant"-it will not work;
    -Субьективно the most beautiful glow-default glow, white, the rest is not needed;
    -The idea of "Moon in the hands" is cool, however, if you have pets/small children because of the principle and flimsy design "ball stand" Be ready, that the ball will fall from the slightest pain.
    Packed parcel is excellent, even the boxes practically did not crumple. The seller actively answers the messages. However, because of the Kovid or even because of which, the comrade the seller provinamil sending judging by the boring track as well for two weeks. For me it was critical, because. The parcel did not come to the birthday of the child on time. And yes, the parcel was badly tracked.

  66. Y***y

    Cool thing. Brightness changes. Colors, well, there are modes of garlands too. Let's see how much will serve.

  67. R***r

    Children are delighted! Thank you!

  68. P***m

    The Best

  69. K***T

    Product conforms to the announcement and works very well. Very nice rendering. By cons it took 5 weeks to arrive. He went around Europe.

  70. Y***y

    The ball was not sent out, delivery from Russia. If there is no delivery, why then suggest…

  71. S***a

    The first lamp came crumpled, turned to the seller. The seller offered to send me a new one for free. The second received, in excellent condition! Shines Bright, the lamp is very beautiful! I recommend the seller and this lamp!)
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  72. R***a

    A wonderful product, for the night is what you need. Sent and delivered very quickly. (Courier). Thank you!!!

  73. I***j

    Just super. Packed perfectly and very fast delivery!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  74. A***a

    The lamp is working. But the problem with the remote. If you click on the bottom color buttons, the lamp generally stops responding to the remote (neither disable, neither change color or brightness). After a while, the lamp reacts to the remote again, and it can be turned off or changed brightness. But it is worth pressing on the color buttons and everything is repeated again. It's good that you can turn on/off and change the color from touching on the lamp.

  75. R***r

    Cool gift to his son, glows with different colors

  76. A***A

    A beautiful lamp, have not yet checked how much the charge holds, but from the remote all colors work, the brightness is adjustable, painted class and texture is beautiful.

  77. V***v

    In general, the order came relatively quickly. But the shipment was 6 days after order. XS they straight sent in 6 days or changed the status only a sent before. In any case, delivery from Russia is just over a week. The product is whole and works well. Recommend.

  78. A***v

    Great stuff. Thank you seller. Recommend

  79. S***n

    the product is most likely best among my orders

  80. J***k

    can't stop loving this

  81. M***e

    First received was damaged so the seller sent another one immediately. Great customer service. It looks great lit up and works really well.

  82. K***a

    The ball is very beautiful! Many modes: 13 colors, several modes brighter-darker, 4 modes of inclusion (2 smooth, shimmering and one constant). Color switching works also from the finger (if you reach the hole where it charges).
    Everything came without defects and scratches. Shipping packing is good. The order came two weeks later, but it's because of the quarantine. The order is satisfied!

  83. H***r

    A ball of norms, but a little kotsan on one side. Modes work, shines well.
    no remark

  84. J***e

    it seems that the package and the delivery is really convincing

  85. J***n

    loving it and will recommend it

  86. G***g


  87. I***l

    Everything is fine, well packed, came quickly, easy cool stands on the stand, many light modes, the child liked it.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  88. Y***y

    Well, with Peray everything was normal, but the second is not controlled from the console if connected to the network. I took it as a gift, it's not pleasant.

  89. A***o

    Delivered within a week by courier. Diameter 15 cm-not much, not little.

  90. A***a

    The order came to St. Petersburg in 4 days, brought by courier. Nothing is crumpled, everything works, colors switch. The child is delighted, a very good purchase.)

  91. D***v

    I would not say that a very high-quality model. Somewhere it sticks out inneatly torn thread, the figure itself is half cartoon

  92. K***n

    Shipping took forever and there was something wrong with the delivery address for some reason even though it was the right address, but the seller was very helpful and responsive. When the lamp finally arrived it was packaged very well and the thing is beautiful!

  93. F***e

    The product arrived damaged and the seller did not respond, he said the dispute was closed and he couldn't do anything totally disappointed took months to get there and it doesn't work. Not at all.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  94. M***a

    no remark

  95. A***a

    I ordered 2 lamps. I waited 2 months. The goods never came, although the track number was tracked.
    The money was returned thanks to the admins by AliExpress.

  96. Y***a

    Nice ball. But too big price for such small size

  97. M***e

    The night light was excellent in general and serviceable. My girlfriend liked it. I will give you advice, if not in the box instructions how to use it, you can watch the video on YouTube. In search of a simple-night light moon instruction. I'll make an assessment.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  98. F***i


  99. K***a

    Very cool lamp! Colors are switched, it does not work on batteries. Easy to recharge. In general, I recommend. The seller sent quickly. The store is super.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  100. R***r

    The goods are delivered by courier to the door. The beacon was tracked. It's fine, it's fast. I ordered a 15 cm ball could be more, not very bright light. Everything works, the remote, too, the wire, the instruction is all in place. The box was slightly crumpled, but the ball was packed perfectly several layers of the navel even the box unravelled. Everything works, everything burns. To the seller Thank you very much! Great product!!!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

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