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Product information:

Step into a world of imagination with our Luminous Children’s Bead Tent!

Build Your Dreams: This incredible set includes 51 sticks and 36 balls (or 64 sticks and 36 balls in the deluxe version), empowering your children to construct enchanting castles in all shapes and sizes!

Endless Adventures: Designed for boys and girls aged 5 and up, this ultimate fortress-building toolset can create caves, game tents, rockets, houses, princess castles, tunnels, teepees, toy tents, pirate ships – you name it! Just add a sheet to create a magical hideout.


Easy & Durable: Crafted from high-quality, sturdy plastic, assembly is a breeze. Simply insert and screw the rods into the balls for quick connections. It’s easy to disassemble and won’t deform. Plus, it comes with a handy storage bag for indoor and outdoor fun.

Spark Creativity: Watch as your child’s creativity and imagination soar. This innovative toy is perfect for kids aged 2-3 and up. It encourages planning, problem-solving, and the construction of innovative structures. An ideal educational gift for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year!

Luminous Magic: When the night falls, the sticks and balls emit a captivating glow, creating a magical atmosphere. Choose from various starry tent options for even more enchantment!


Product Highlights:

Features: DIY luminous
Skill Development: Emotional, visual, intellectual, manual dexterity, sensory perception, hand-eye coordination, and more.
Perfect for interactive play, parent-child bonding, and cultivating interests.




Building block tent x1

Choose your favorite style:

Tent without cloth (87PCS)
Tent with cloth (87PCS)
Luminous tent without cloth (87PCS)
Luminous tent with cloth (87PCS)
Luxury starry sky tent (87PCS)
Luxury starry sky model (100PCS)
Tent without cloth (100PCS)
Tent with cloth (100PCS)
Luminous tent without cloth (100PCS)
Luminous tent with cloth (100PCS)
Style: 100 sticks + 55 balls (boxed)
Style: 100 sticks + 55 balls + tent (boxed)
Embark on a luminous adventure of creativity and fun! Get your Luminous Children’s Bead Tent today and let the magic unfold.

Weight 0.69 kg
Dimensions 350 × 260 × 60 cm

100sticks 55balls, 100sticks 55balls tent, Style1, Style10, Style11, Style12, Style2, Style3, Style4, Style5, Style6, Style7, Style8, Style9

21 reviews for Fort Builder

  1. Gloria Maas

    The amount of pieces makes a fort large enough for a couple of kids to fit inside. It holds a light weight blanket. Unfortunately, it is not able to lock the rods into the balls so the minute they bump it, the structure will fall apart.

  2. Debbie CookDebbie Cook

    The grandkids and their friends enjoy building structures. Snapz is easy to assemble and sturdy.

  3. Samantha Turner

    My daughter LOVES the fort kit. She’s eight and likes to create her own designs. The quality is great and she can easily put them together. She builds one pretty much every weekend so she can have a “camp out” in her room. Would recommend purchasing!

  4. Michael B Wright

    I ordered 2 of the 82 piece sets for my 4 year old who was constantly trying to rearrange our basement furniture so she could build forts. Took her a bit to figure out how to get the perfect angles out of the connecting balls but she is now a pro. Our basement currently has a large space ship and a igloo shaped fort that she wants to sleep in.. we still have pieces left and she insists that I buy more to build bigger 🤣 I emailed about the free bags you can request for each kit and had them at my door in under a week. Joyce from Snapz has reached out to us numerous times to ask how we like them and to make sure we got our bags. Highly recommended!!

  5. D Simpson

    I bought 2 of these for my grandsons ages 5 and 7. They have had so much fun constructing their forts! They even asked me if I could get “carrying bags” for the sets so they could bring them to my house when they come to visit. I looked again and found the insert in the boxes that gave free storage bags which was so amazing! Also, there was a 20% rebate offer on the purchase of another set which I ordered as a surprise since they are enjoying these fort kits so much! I think they have enjoyed these Snapz kits more than any other gift I have given in years past!

  6. Karlie Paschall

    Not only do we love the product but the customer support was phenomenal. I reached out after Christmas as a couple of the poles has gotten broken during shipping. They immediately shipped replacement poles, gave us 3 free bags and discount code. I couldn’t believe how helpful and fast they were to respond. Our kids are 8, 10 and this was the perfect thing for our fort lovers.

  7. Darren Ngai

    Easy to use! My 4 yr old loves building various forts and putting a sheet on top. Great customer service too!

  8. Jessica Q.

    The ends of the tubes have a casing that goes into the connectors, and some of the casings got stuck in the connectors, separating from the tubing. Maybe they would come out with needle nose pliers and could be superglued back to the tubing, but I didn’t bother because it didn’t suit my purpose at the time anyway- I was hoping it could be used to hang toys for infants to bat at, in lieu of a play gym, but it was too flimsy.

  9. Nina HuangNina Huang

    It can be very beautiful if you build it with some lights! My kids love it very much.

  10. Patti

    We got this as a gift for a 6 year old and he LOVES it. Super easy to connect the parts, very sturdy, great price. Definitely recommend/

  11. Smart elder shopper

    Our 6 year old grandson has so much fun building different shapes with this set. He wanted us to put one of his structures on top of his bed and cover with a blanket to make a fort. He loved sleeping inside his fort. The next morning he carried it into the living room so he could reconfigure the set. He really enjoyed being creative.

  12. Susan W.

    Wish there was a custom cover to make a real fort. But really like it.

  13. Kathy L. Haflich

    I purchased two SNAPZ Fort Building Kits for my three grandsons ages 8,6 & 4 such a hit! I was looking for something different to keep them occupied when the scorching Texas summer heat was keeping them inside. All three were able to create fun forts, it encouraged them to work together on some of the mega forts they built! Sturdy parts that will be around for lots of creative play!

  14. Knr34Knr34

    We have had a similar product for years that has been abused and held up, for the most part. My youngest has become really good at building forts and structures with the old set, but enough of the pieces have been broken that it was becoming frustrating. I purchased two sets of Snapzfort for his birthday, and they are wonderful. The picture is of the first fort we built with them. It’s a pyramid shape built up on top of an extra layer so that it is tall enough for my 6-year-old to stand up in and has two extra “rooms” on each side. The structure is strong enough to hold up all the blankets, be kicked and bumped without falling apart or being too wobbly. It is easy enough for my 6-year-old to put together and take apart on his own, and two sets is enough to build some amazingly large structures. We are very happy with the purchase.

  15. Sue Rathbun

    Easy to put together. Promotes creativity and team work. Grandma enjoys it just as much!!

  16. Donna C.

    All 5 of our grandkids ( ages 6years-9 years) love Lego’s and building things. SNAPZ allows them to build BIG!We bought two sets to enable building structures that several of them can “ occupy “ at once, and they do just that.We built the first structure with them until they got the knack of it, but now they build, disassemble, and build again all by themselves. We’ve given them an assortment of king size sheets and light bedding for draping over their builds, which allows their structures to take on all sorts of interesting looks. If you have children who love pretend play and using their imaginations, these sets make a great, sturdy, easy to store addition to your playroom!

  17. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Great times for grandkids and grandparents. We love this product!!!

  18. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Great times for grandkids and grandparents. We love this product!!!

  19. A.Kunetka

    My child absolutely loves to build and he kept trying to steal all of the pillows in the house and make forts out of them in the hallway. Sadly this was often very unsafe or caused issues for the rest of the family who are trying to get around in our house.For Christmas we decided we’d get him this fort builder. We didn’t make it to Christmas before we caved and had enough of climbing over pillows in the hall. We gave him the fort builder early and Im so glad we did!Now his forts are contained to the living room and I dont have to wash pillow cases or return pillows to every room in the house multiple times a week. He had a blast building a fort with his dad and then covering it over with a blanket. It was his own perfect little space to be without causing a gauntlet for everyone else.But thats not the best part. In the box, the company offered a free bag deal to store the pieces and all you had to do was submit your order ID and address. I followed the instructions for this and was greeted a day later with an email letting me know said bag would ship out in 6-7 business days. The rep who emailed me this information was super nice when I responded Thank you and was happy to hear my child was enjoying the fort builder. It was rather refreshing to have a live person respond to my emails even when I didnt have a complaint. And all just so they could wish me well and thank me for taking the time to persue the free bag. I’m in love with the customer service and cant praise it enough!10/10 would confidently buy another and I will definitely pass along word of this great gem of a product to other parents!

  20. P Morris

    Ordered for grandson’s 5th birthday. The first day two end caps broke off into the balls. I contacted snapz and they sent out replacements right away. The kids 5 and 7 have really enjoyed playing with this set. We only ordered one set and so far that has been adequate for the two of them. I could really see us adding another set at some point though. At first it takes a little supervision but soon they are building on their own. So far they have constructed a tent tunnel, an igloo, and a rocket and this past weekend they assembled some construction of their own imagination. So far so good.

  21. E. J. MillsE. J. Mills

    Works as advertised! Takes a couple minutes of study to get the system down, then you’re off and running. Looking forward to creating more structures with my kids!

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